Blender Guru – Pro-Lighting: Skies Trailer

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Blender Guru – Pro-Lighting: Skies Trailer

Un projet multi-artistes (Blender Guru)

Blender Guru (Andew Price) vient de publier un pack de ciels HDRI optimisés pour éclairer vos scènes.
Pour mémoire, Andrew Price est considéré comme l’un des summums de ce que l’on peut trouver en terme de rendu 3D photo-réaliste.
Je suis fier d’avoir travaillé aux côtés d’artistes aussi talentueux sur ce magnifique projet.
Un modèle 3D unique de voiture m’a été demandé pour ce projet. L’idée a été de créer un modèle qui présente de nombreuses courbes pour accrocher la lumière et les reflets du ciel et du paysage.

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Quick presentation (source Blender Guru):

Blender Guru (Andew Price) has released a pack of optimised HDR skies for lighting your scenes.
Andrew Price is considered as a summit in terms of photo-realistic 3D rendering.
I am proud to have worked with such talented artists on this very nice and beautifull project.
This unique car model has been created for Blender Guru. The idea was to have numerous curves on the body to catch light and reflexions of the sky and landscape.

Realistic Outdoor Lighting in an Instant

What if you had a tool that allowed you to instantly change your outdoor lighting to any time of the day, any weather, and be completely realistic?
The flexibility to choose any lighting style. The confidence to know that it will render. And the freedom to do what you do best: create art.
That’s Pro-Lighting: Skies: the fastest, easiest and most realistic outdoor lighting available for Blender.
Finally, an all-in-one solution giving you:
A library of visually stunning real skies to choose from
An easy one-click click lighting solution
Accurate, realistic lighting for any outdoor scene

Why Lighting is Important

Just like a movie with bad audio, a scene with bad lighting is a waste of everyone’s time and effort, but especially yours.
It won’t matter how flawless your modelling topology is or how beautiful your textures are if the lighting it’s presented with is terrible.
Bad lighting undermines all your other effort and makes the whole render look crap.
“I can’t tell you how many demo reels I’ve reviewed where the artist’s models are beautiful, but the lighting is flat, unrealistic, and uninteresting—essentially an afterthought.” –Jeremy Vicker, Lighting Technical Director, Pixar
Good lighting on the other hand helps tell the story, effects the mood, and helps the viewer relate to it.
If your lighting is good, the scene becomes significantly more believable to the viewer.

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